Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 5, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!!!

Well my time here in the Draper Rover View Stake has come to an end
😔. I will miss it and all the people I have come to know and love.
Now it will be up to Elder Sandino who will be staying and will be
leading out the area now. I'm so glad that they're keeping him in.
He's someone that I completely trust with the people that I'm leaving

I will be going back to West Jordan!!!!! I feel like I spent almost my
entire mission there!!!! I will be companions with a missionary named
Elder Vivas and we will be sharing the Ward with one of my old
companions, Elder Stout! I'm very excited to see both of them. They
are both amazing missionaries and it's an amazing Ward as well. We're
going to be seeing some incredible miracles!!!

This last week we had the an amazing miracle happen! We received a
text not too long ago from a woman named Nicole. She wanted to meet
with us and start her journey in the church. We met and it was a much
needed meeting especially for her. She is going to trial after trial
in her life. We decided to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to address
her many concerns and we were able to help her feel the Spirit. Tears
were shed, experiences shared, and the Holy Ghost bore witness to her
that peace will be possible. She knows that she needs to be baptized
and has a goal to enter the temple one day and be sealed. She doesn't
want to choose a baptismal date yet but I know that she is very close
and will want one soon. I know that Elder Sandino will continue to
help her and encourage her.

Nic unfortunately did not hear back from Salt Lake City yet about his
baptism so the baptism has been postponed. It will now be on June
24th. Everyone please pray that the letter will get here soon. He's so
prepared that he's been teaching the lessons to the missionaries
perfectly! All he needs now is that letter.

The most recent miracle actually happened this morning! We received a
text from a woman who had just moved into our stake and she wants her
son to come back to the church! We were able to set up a time to meet
her tomorrow morning. I know that as long as we're keeping the
commandments and doing all that we can to be worthy missionaries, God
will trust us with His children and send them to us. It's happened
more times than I can count to many missionaries in this mission. It's
the same for members of the church! In a conference talk by President
Eyring entitled "A Child and a Disciple" this principle is explained.
Any member who truly wants to participate in the Lords Vineyard and be
called one of His precious servants may become so as they prepare and
seek opportunities to save souls. If anyone has desires to experience
the joys of this work, please read the talk and think of ways you can
begin in your families.

I love each and every one of you! Have a great week!

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