Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug 22, 2016

Well I am now a trainer. I received a new missionary last Tuesday.
Elder Mason completed his mission and it was really sad to say
goodbye. He was my best companion and I will miss him a lot but we
still keep in touch and we're going to see each other after I finish.
I'm excited for that day.

My new companion is Elder Rojas and I'm going to attach a picture.
There's also,someone else in the picture that you might recognize as

Elder Rojas is from Delaware and he went to school at Stanford right
before the mission. He is very smart and already is a very good
missionary. I'm very humbled to be his trainer. I'm using everything
that Elder Mason had taught me before he left and right now I feel
like I'm just trying to stay above water. But the Lord is helping me
and I have survived thus far. I finally feel like I'm getting the hang
of what I'm doing and everything is great again. We met some new
people last week and we're really excited with the lessons that we
have set up this week.

We had a rough week teaching lessons which isn't the way I wanted
Elder Rojas' first week to go but when I asked him how he liked it he
said that he absolutely loved it. I'm glad because it's only going to
get better from here on. We made a goal of 3 baptisms for this
transfer so if everyone could pray for us that would be great. We're
going to need the prayers.

Elder Lyons (one of my best friends) also left and finished his
mission part week. That leaves Elder Stout and Elder Kelley as my
other two friends. It's not going to be the same without Parker
(Elder Lyons) but we'll see each other again. He's going to go to UVU
which is right next to BYU so we already have plans to keep in
contact. He taught me many things about being a trainer that I've
already put into use. One of them was about service. He told me to
serve my companion to death. And so I did.

The very first morning of the new transfer I took a shower first and
he did after me. I noticed that when he left to go to the bathroom
that he hadn't made his bed just yet so I made it for him. I also
polished his shoes. When he got out I was at my desk reading my study
journal acting like nothing had happened. But he got me back! A couple
days ago the alarm went off 30 minutes late and I ran to the shower.
When I got back I noticed my bed was made and Elder Rojas was on his
bed acting as if nothing had happened. I looked at him and said while
pointing at my bed "I'll get you back for this!" Let the service wars
begin haha!!!!

Anyways I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week! Ether 12:27

Elder Kallin James Austin 
Utah SLC South Mission
left - Elder Plauche from GA.  

Aug 15, 2016

Well it finally came. elder Mason has finished his mission. He will be
leaving tomorrow and I will be getting a new missionary straight from
the MTC. I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!! It will be a new
experience for me but I am very excited for it. I could use all the
prayers I can get so everyone who is willing be sure to pray for me.
I'm going to need it.

This week has been the best week of my mission!!!! We have been in a
trio due to some emergency transfers last Monday. So we had Elder
Cunningham with us. He is an amazing missionary and so we had some
wonderful lessons! We ended the week with 7 people on date to be
baptized which is more than I've ever had before. This area is doing
amazingly and I'm so excited to see it grow. There's some pictures at
the bottom of us three together.

So my time in the mission is getting harder and harder to manage so my
emailing is being affected.

Anyways we had an amazing week and some of the most amazing times we
had were in lessons when the investigators got their answer about the
truth of the gospel. We do this thing where we promise that they can
receive an answer whenever they want even then and there. So we help
them pray and we just wait silently for the spirit to answer them. The
times we've done it it worked. This message is completely true and it
is supported by God. Because of this the Holy Spirit will answer every
time of the truthfulness of this message. You just have to let Him in
your heart.

Well I'm finding myself running out of time again. I love you all and
I wish you the best.

Elder Kallin James Austin
Utah SLC South Mission

Monday, August 1, 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Well as the subject suggests....we had another baptism. This baptism
was very special to me because it happened because of an earlier
baptism Elder Jiménez and I had. It was the baptism of Jorge's dad,
Jorge Sr. It was a very special baptism for me because Jorge received
the priesthood and was the one that performed the ordinance. He will
forever remember the first person he baptized and he'll be able to
tell that story to many people it was also nice seeing his entire
family again especially his mom who was baptized at the same time as
him. Not only was Jorge Sr. baptized but so was the wife of Alfredo,
Monica. She decided to get baptized because of the change she saw in
her husband. That was just as special. Because of that they will have
the opportunity to be sealed as a family in a year from now. I am so
excited for them both. I have the pictures at the bottom.

That day was the best day of my mission so far. I was able to see all of my favorite people in one day. It started out with breakfast at the stake president's house. He invited President and sister Lansing (mission president and wife) along with his assistance so I was able to see Elder Kelley!!!!! It's been too long since I've seen him and it was really nice to see him. Afterwards we had a hard day of work until the baptism. At the baptism I saw Elders Stout and Lyons (my two best friends in the mission) and we were all excited to be together again. Then the Chaparro family who is in the pictures and Elder Jiménez. Days like that are very rare.

Also Elder Mason has been my one of my favorite companions. He is one of the most incredible. We have a great trust for each other and we work hard. We are expecting these next two weeks to be two weeks full of miracles. 

Also we have an amazing family in the Ward who had recently gotten baptized before I got here. They are the Toro family. This is a picture of us in their house eating some Colombian food.
Also Elder Mason drew a picture to represent the mission. The mission I'm in has more temples than any other mission in the world and so this picture has a representation of each temple within the mission.
I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Kallin James Austin 
Utah SLC South Mission

July 18, 2016

This last week started out amazing but then we had a lot of people not
show up for sacrament meeting because of something that happened with
the family. They're going to come next week. I also was able to go
back to my area for a baptism! It was a man named Alfredo. I want to
share to you what Elder Stout told me because it was pretty amazing.

"I got to interview Alfredo... He is so incredible.. Especially since
he has his family all against him...When I was there they were all
trying to talk him out if it but he told them all to be quiet because
he knows that this church is of God and he is getting baptized no
matter what... It was powerful!!"

Yep and his baptism was yesterday. Also our mission president and his
wife were there as well and I translated for them. I sat behind them
and translated the whole meeting which was about an hour. IT WAS
CRAZY!!!!! They thanked me greatly afterwards and told me that I did a
wonderful job.

But it was a great day. Here's a picture

I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Kallin James Austin 
Utah SLC South Mission 

July 11, 2016

Well I got transferred. I have returned to Westland 5th which was my
second area in the mission and which is now my 4th. I am with Elder
Mason and his picture is at the bottom. He is the hardest working
missionary I've ever met!!!!!! He used to be an assistant to the
president and he's been in every leadership position possible in the
mission. I am now his companion and he is a district leader. He is the
best missionary I have ever met. I have already learned so much from
him! My goal is to be able to learn as much as I can by the end of the
transfer because I don't think I'll be given another opportunity like
this again.

But this last week was one of the most amazing week ever!!!! It
started out Tuesday when this area was still a biking area and I was
dying trying to keep up with Elder Mason!!!!!!! He's so fast and I've
never been in a biking area before in my mission so it was definitely
something new. I decided I liked biking because it gives us the
opportunity to talk to more people. Well the next day we received a
visit from the zone leaders and told us there were some mistakes with
the car assignment and we got the car! So I have still yet to be in a
biking area in my mission but hopefully I'll get the chance at least

Anyways we had a baptism this last Tuesday in my last area that I was
able to go back to see. It was the baptism of Jorge and María which
has been coming for a long time now!!!!! It was the best baptism I've
ever had!!!!! I arrived there a little late because of a lesson we had
just before so I was afraid I would miss it but when I got there it
looked like everyone was just entering the building. I was 20 minutes
late so I thought for sure they would have started. Elder Lyons was
holding the door open for everyone and when I got there the first
thing he says is "Hermano Razo sprayed maze in the building!" I was
freaking out!!!! I thought someone had broken in or a fight broke out
and Hermano Razo used his Maze to end it. I ran inside but there
wasn't any sign of anything like a fight had happened. Only a terrible
smell that burned you're throat and your eyes. Elder Stout was inside
and he told me what had happened. Apparently Hermano Razo had bought
some maze online and brought it to the baptism early to show the
Elders. He thought it was the coolest thing ever and he wanted to show
them how it worked. So he was with the a Elders on the North side of
the building. He opened the door and sprayed some maze outside the
door. Well apparently a strong wind from the north took the maze and
blew it into the hallway where everyone was standing and everyone
started coughing and running outside of the building!!!!! I was
laughing so hard when I heard this haha!!!!! I saw Jorhge and his mom,
María, next and they were both dressed in white and ready to go. There
were about 50 people there to give their support to Jorge and María
and we could fit everyone in a chair in the room the baptism font is.
So we had all the talks and everything in the chapel. Also Alfredo was
there to see the baptism!!!! I sat next to him the entire time! He's
so cool and so prepared! Many of the talks were by Jorge's friends so
they were in English so I was translating for Alfredo. He absolutely
loved the baptism! He's on date for the 23rd and I'm really excited to
be able to go back and see him be baptized! The baptism was perfect.
They were both baptized without a problem. Also at the end of the
meeting Hermano Razo went up to the podium and apologized to everyone
for spaying maze. It was hilarious!!!! Apparently many people thought
it was the Elders that did it but it was good that Hermano Razo
cleared it up. I was taking to Hermano Razo afterwards and he felt
really bad about it. He told me that he's just too childish sometimes.
I shared with him the scripture Matthew 18:4 and told him that he
would inherit the kingdom of God. After everything was over I was
committed to put Jorge's dad on date to be baptized. I knew that Elder
Jimenez and his new companion had talked to him a little about baptism
but I knew that he didn't have a date. So I went up to Elder Lyons and
asked him when the Soonest someone could be baptized if they had not
gone to church. He told me the 30th of July. So I went up to his dad
and just when I was about to talk to him María came up to me and
started telling me about everything that she felt and how much she
loved everything. It was so nice to see her so excited. I asked
Jorge's dad how he like it and he told me that it was nice and nothing
too exciting but when he finished I told him "I want to be able to see
your baptism. I know that it's going to be just as special as your
wife's baptism was for her. We will be having a baptismal service on
the 30th of July. Will you be prepare to be baptized on that day?" He
said yes. I told him that I'm going to be there at his baptism. The
entire time I was doing this, María knew what I was doing and when I
invited her husband her mouth was hanging open the entire time and
when he said yes she almost fainted!!!!!

It was a miracle for me and she said thank you to me so many times
afterwards and Jorge's dad just had the largest smile on his face!
Immediately afterwards one of Jorge's friends came up to me. He was
standing next to us the entire time this was happening but he doesn't
speak Spanish so he had no idea what was happening. He asked me what
happened and I told him that Jorge's dad is on date to be baptized. He
freaked out..... Then Jorge came up to us and asked us why we were
freaking out and I told him. He nearly cried for joy. I committed him
to help his dad in every way he could. I told Elder Jimenez that he
had a new investigator on date and then he asked "what about Jorge's
brother?" I honestly forgot to ask Jorge's brother.... I was chastised
by Elder Jimenez for that then afterwards Elder Jimenez put the
brother on date. It was an amazing night!

Another miracle that happened was just yesterday night. We met a bunch
of young adults living in an apartment together and they all, said
that they're from Puerto Rico here on vacation together. We were there
to meet a guy named Miguel that we had OYMed earlier and ended up
teaching him and two other guys. They didn't have a firm knowledge on
who God was or what he could do for them but they each believed in a
God. We taught them how God loves us and he wants to bless us. We told
them that to access the ultimate blessing which is obtaining a
remission of your sins is accessed through baptism. They were all very
interested in this and they are all on date to be baptized on the 6th
of August. It taught me to never be afraid to mention baptism because
this is the unique thing that we can offer everyone else in the world!
This is the door and we are here to hell them through it. The members
are here to get them through the temple. I am so thankful for this
Ward because they are really focused on missionary work and helping
the new converts on the next steps through their eternal journeys.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Kallin James Austin
Utah SLC South Mission