Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 26, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a special experience this week. As you all know from the last
email, Nic asked me to baptize him. It was a fantastic baptism! I was
so nervous the entire time I was there!!! I've only personally
baptized two other people before so I didn't have too much experience.
But everything went perfectly fine! Nic was baptized and was even
given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm so thankful that the Lord lead
us to his home! It was a huge miracle!

So another crazy miracle happened to us. We were on exchanges and I
was with my district leader, Elder Oliva. While we were biking and
visiting people, there was an old woman walking on the side of the
road. We stopped by and talked to her. Elder Oliva recognized her as
Hermana Seis, a member of the Ward. She reached behind her and grabbed
two envelopes and handed us each one. Each contained 10 dollars. I
asked her how she knew we would be coming by. She responded by simply
saying "I was praying and I felt the I presiĆ³n to do it so I did."
Well later that day I was biking and I hit a pot hole. My bike stayed
in the pot hole and I was thrown off and landed on the sidewalk. I
hurt my wrist pretty bad and I was sent to a local hospital to get
x-rays. The insurance that we have on the mission will cover all
medical expenses as long as we pay a $10 co-pay which is exactly what
Hermana Seis have to us. That was crazy for me!!! I'll be okay but I'm
taking it easy with any activities we do.

Everything else is great! We're looking for new people to teach right
now. Please keep us on your prayers!!!

Have a great week!!!

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