Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 13, 2017

Hello family and friends!!!

What an amazing week this has been!!!! Elder Vivas and I are doing so
much work together!!!!

So we were able to get together with the Ward mission leader this week
and we made a poster to put up in the church building so that the
members can see our faces and numbers. I'll be sure to attach it on
the email.

In other news I love biking!!!! I meet so many cool people everyday!
Just yesterday we were biking home and we saw a woman in our way. She
was walking with a huge backpack and so I decided to carry it for her
and get to know her. She was living in poverty and didn't have a home.
I brought up religion and she talked about how she's been reading the
Book of Mormon and the Bible recently. She has a goal to return to
church and then be baptized as a member of the church when she get a
home to live in. I gave her everything I could and then we parted
ways. She considered us showing up as a sign that this is the right
path for her.

Yesterday as well we were able to meet a new investigator. His name is
Genaro. He was working on his home and we decided to approach him and
ask if he had some time for a message. He agreed and we taught him. He
loved everything we shared and could feel the Holy Ghost. He accepted
a baptismal date for the 8th of July and he is also planning on coming
to church. We're going to see him tomorrow and hopefully meet the rest
of his family. What an amazing start to the week!!!

Today we just got back from a temple trip. It was a wonderful
experience and I could feel very strongly the Holy Ghost there. I'll
be sure to attach pictures!

Sorry that this email is shorter than the others but we don't have too
much time. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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