Thursday, July 6, 2017

June 16, 2017

Dear Family and Friends!!!

Elder Vivas and I had a wonderful week this week!!!!

I've been getting to know my new companion more. He is always kind. He
looks for the good in everyone and befriends them. He is always
smiling!!! I don't I've ever seen him without a smile! He is also a
hard worker. He wants to serve his Savior the very best that he can.
We talk about all the time how we can improve and give more of
ourselves to the work.

This week we met a new man named Genaro. He was working outside on the
wall to his home, repairing it so he could sleep that night. We asked
him if he had time for a message and he said yes! We taught him about
how God has called prophets and apostles in our days to help us and
guide us. We told him about how the heavens are open again and that
miracles are on the earth again. We told him about how we desire
everyone to be baptized by Priesthood authority restored to Joseph
Smith by Jesus Christ so that he could receive all the blessings that
Heavenly Father has for us today. He agreed to it. Right now we've had
a hard time contacting so everyone keep Genaro in your prayers.

So I got a phone call today. It was Nic who was someone I met in my
last area with Elder Sandino. I was excited to say the least to hear
from him!!! He told me that he was getting baptized this Saturday and
then he asked if I would baptize him. I was very grateful and said "of
course!" It's such a blessing to see those who have become so
important to you make steps in their lives that you know will bless
them. It will be a great privilege to be able to participate in Nic's

I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Elder Kallin James Austin
Utah SLC South Mission

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