Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 26, 2016

This week has been an amazing last week of the transfer!!!!!! We had a baptism of an amazing young man named Joseph Sanchez! Here is a picture! 

Joseph has been taking lessons from the missionaries for almost a year now. He has never wanted to learn about the gospel until after a couple times that his girlfriend invited him to sit down with the missionaries. He eventually agreed and that's where it all started. For many months he never wanted to keep a commitment. He just doesn't like doing things that other people tell him. He was taught for many months when I arrived in the area with Elder Mason and he was still the same. After I received Elder Rojas we decided to do something a little different. We decided to set everything up through his girlfriend. Every lesson, every leader assignment, every prayer, we would do it through her. She was amazing! She would even call him and read and pray with him over the phone. Eventually he felt something really wrong and wanted to meet with us immediately. We did and we taught him the restoration. At the end we told him that he could receive and answer right then and there and we invited him to kneel with us and pray for that answer. He did and we stayed silent afterwards. It was about 5 minutes of silence and the Spirit was extremely strong. Many people were crying by the time he broke the silence. He said that he felt completely at peace and all the things that worried him didn't worry him anymore. I then invited him to be baptized. He said "I think it's finally time." We set a date and the rest is history! He was confirmed yesterday by one of his friends and we were able to give him tickets for general conference for him and his girlfriend. He's very excited. 

Also I got transferred. I will be going back to the Mountain View 4th Ward tomorrow and I will be with an Elder Sewell. They did something that they've never done before which was create a Spanish zone. Now every Spanish missionary in the mission with be in one zone all together. I'm super excited for this change and I hope that it will bring about the purposes of the Lord. 

I bore my testimony yesterday and when I did that the last time in my last area I was transferred so I guess I saw that coming. It was so nice being able to train Elder Rojas and I will miss him greatly. But I made sure that he had a good start and now he'll have a great mission! 

This will be my last night in Westland 5th and I plan on working my heart out!!!! I hope to find many people who have been prepared by the Lord before I leave so the missionaries coming will have a lot of work to do. 

Also just as a description of the other pictures, one is of me and Elder Cunningham making a zone email where we invited the zone to smile more. The other is us at a zone activity together. The last one is our district's final day together. 

September 19, 2016

This week we had many miracles happen to us.

Some exciting news is that we will have a baptism this Saturday! His
name is Joseph Sanchez and it's been a long time coming. He has been
taught now for about 6 or 7 months and last week we had the lesson
that changed everything. It was the first lesson that Joseph has had
in a while and we decided to teach the restoration. He was at the home
of a member family and the setting was perfect. By the end of the
lesson we had him say a prayer to ask God is everything we just told
him is true. He did so and after we finished we gave him some time to
feel the Spirit. We all stayed quiet and many people started crying at
this point. When he was ready I asked him to describe how he felt. He
said that he felt really good and very peaceful. We told him that it
was God that gave him those feelings. I then invited him to be
baptized and he said "I finally think it's time to do it." He chose
the date of this Saturday and we're really excited for him. All of his
friends have been invited and his family is going to attend.

In other news we have been teaching a man named José for a while now
and he's gone through some pretty rough things in his life. But now
he's doing much better and actually said that he wants to be baptized
in the last lesson we had with him. We're going to stop by later today
and invite him to be baptized and give him a date to work on. We're
really excited for him as well and he'll probably be the second person
baptized after Joseph. If everyone can pray for José he really needs

The weather is finally cooling down and things are picking up in the
area. Everything is going well with Elder Rojas and I and we're
working like crazy! This will be the last week of the transfer so it
will be exciting to see where I go after this. I'm hoping that I can
stay but you never know.

Anyways here's some pictures of us with the Toro family. They're a
wonderful family and I cooked dinner for them this day.

I hope everyone has a great week!

September 12, 2016

This week was great! A lot of things have happened and we've seen much success.

This past Monday the entire mission did a temple to temple run. We
started at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we ran to the Jordan River
Temple. It was a crazy run and I was able to do it in a good time.
Elder Rojas and I made shirts for the event and the talked to as many
people as we could. We were hoping to find someone who wasn't a member
but all we found were members. However we had some wonderful
opportunities to bear our testimonies and show Salt Lake City that
there are representatives of Christ in West Jordan!

August 29, 2016

The craziest Sunday ever...
Well training is proving to be very hard. I've been so used to
following my other companion but now that I'm in charge I'm having to
stay on my toes and work hard. It's really different being in charge
and it's not as fun as someone might think. I'm keeping diligent
though. We're working hard and making sure that we're not wasting one
second. We've found some new people and two of hem accepted baptism
dates in the first lesson so things are starting to pick up. My goal
is that Elder Rojas will be able to have a baptism this transfer and
this week is the last week to find people so I could use all the
prayers you're willing to offer.

Anyways the title suggests that this past Sunday was absolutely insane
which it was. After companionship study in the morning, while we're
getting ready to go to Ward council, we get a phone call from the
Elders Quorum President asking me if I can teach the class today. Of
course I say yes and he tells me that it's on the talk "to the rescue,
we can do it!" by Elder Arnold. This talk is one of my favorites and
so I get really scared to teach the class. After the morning meetings
and visits we're sitting in the Sacrament meeting room and I'm about
to start planning the lesson when someone asks me to help them find a
song they're looking for in the hymn book. So I find it and then I'm
asked by the bishop to play the piano for sacrament meeting. I tell
him that the hymns they chose were too hard for me so what we did was
we connected my I-pad to the speakers in the chapel through an
auxiliary cable and listened to the hymns through the iPad. It was
weird but it was the only option we had. During the opening hymn I
noticed that there was only one priest at the sacrament table so I
joined him. It was my first time blessing the sacrament in Spanish and
it was a wonderful experience. After sacrament meeting they asked us
to teach gospel principles and so we did. The lesson in Elders quorum
went well and everything ended on time. But I've never had to do so
many things at church before. I was completely exhausted afterwards!!!
But we had in total 4 investigators at church so it was really good.

Elder Rojas is getting much better at teaching and taught in gospel
principles really well. He's becoming more bold and a much better
missionary. This week I'm going to really help him learn the lessons
in preach my gospel. I'm hoping that this will help him follow along
in lessons more. But he's a great missionary and I love him to death!

Elder Mason sent me an email. He's already started school and has
already taught many of his peers the restoration. They call him "the
Mormon" already. But he's doing great. Here's a picture he sent me: