Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hi guys,

This week has been pretty normal. I can't even remember most of the
week.....uug it's all bending together!!!!! What did I do????
I went on exchanges with the newest greeny in the
district Elder Schunk. He's from Kansas and is really good with
computers. He's fluent in 3 different programming languages and wants
to go into a career of cyber security. I can't even remember if I said
that in the last email. Wow this is getting bad. My memory is really
failing me.

Anyways the most exciting news I received this week was the news that
Amechie was baptized. It looked like a whole zone was there. Anyways
very happy to hear that she was baptized and I hope she stays a strong
member of the church.

Isabel is going through a divorce right now but still wants her
ex/current husband to baptize him if she does decide to join the
church. All of our lessons with her a great! She's definitely a solid
investigator. She didn't come to church today because of work but I
know that she would have if she could.

Christian decided that he's going to stay in Lyndin (I think that's
hoe you spell it) which is definitely outside the mission so we had to
give him up unfortunately. We gave a referral to the elders in his
area but they have yet to contact us.

Jose and margarita haven't made any progress. They're in California
right now and right before they left we all fasted so that margarita
could receive an answer during her prayers. We're hoping that she will
accept another baptism date next time we see her.

Saturday everyone in the mission had the opportunity to go to the
temple. I did not because I was sick. So instead I read 30 chapters in
Alma and it was AWESOME!!!!!! Moroni is such a BOSS!!!!! So cool!!!!
So yeah that was my weekend.

Today is P-day and we are going to airborne as a district activity.
It's like sky zone but much cooler and much more fun!!! I am very

Also I am now officially a Mexican!!!!! We had dinner at a Mexican
house yesterday and they served something that they said was an 8 on
their spicy scale. It was too spicy for they wife to handle. I ate it
and yeah it was spicy but I was completely fine. It was just warm.
Tasted really good though.

Anyways hope everyone is doing well,

Elder Austin

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