Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This week wasn't as exciting as the last,

Our new investigator Christian who is completely awesome and on date
moved out of our mission... But he is still coming to our branch
because thats here he feels most comfortable. He is only living out of
the mission until the end of the month and is trying to look for a
place in our Area so we can still teach him. So that's what we've been
concentrating on so we don't have to lose him. 

Isabel cried in our last lesson with her when she prayed for the first
time. She is getting very excited about baptism and is thinking about
who she wants to baptize her. It pretty amazing because at first she
didn't even seem interested and just wanted to be Catholic but it's
amazing how the spirit can change people. 

Margarita fasted with us this past Sunday for an answer and so we're
going to invite her and her husband to be baptized again and we're
hoping that she'll accept even if her husband doesn't. 

This week didn't have any unique events other than a Spanish training
meeting. They were suppose to teach us about Spanish culture and
things to watch out for that we wouldn't know. However they taught us
about the spirit instead which isn't bad but it was just like any
other meeting. I didn't learn anything about the Spanish culture. 

I was so happy to hear Amechie got a job!!!!!!!!!! SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
I lost it a little. How is she feeling about her baptism? 
This was on the birthday cake for Elder Fonseca. As you can see there is a white guy and a brown guy. Yes this was planned and no I am not the brown guy. Spanish families always have a good sense of humor.

Well I miss you all and hope you're all doing well,

Elder Austin

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