Monday, November 9, 2015


Isabel is still progressing and still reading the Book of Mormon. Her
baptism date is the last Saturday of this month so everybody pray for
her so that she can have faith. If she decides to get baptized then
she will be my first baptism in the mission. Of course that means
nothing. What matters is that she makes a covenant with God that
allows her to be washed clean and have a way to return to her Heavenly

Also mom you're not the only giving a talk soon. I'm giving a talk in
Spanish Branch the last Sunday of this month. It's on missionary work.
My companions giving a talk on the same subject to mine will be a more
broken and childish version of his talk because he can actually speak
Spanish. So yeah very scary stuff.

I am very happy to hear that Amechie is still a strong member. I'm
also glad that she wants to share her testimony with everyone. It
sounds like she's taking her baptism covenant very seriously. Not only
her but Udy too. Passing the sacrament for the first time is very
exciting. But it also gets very boring very fast though. What doesn't
change is the importance of the job however. Passing the sacrament is
a very sacred privilege because you are carrying what is necessary for
other to be able to access the atonement and renew their covenants
with the lord. I hope that he understands that when he passes for the
first time. 

So for my personal study I've been studying faith in the topical guide
and keeping a journal on what I've learned. Right now I have five
pages written and not even Half way through the faith section on the
topical guide. I've learned a lot and I've been able to apply a lot of
it. Once I'm done with faith I'm going to go into hope then charity.
Exciting stuff! 

Our other investigators have been struggling a lot with just keeping
commitments. Isabel is the only investigator we have progressing right
now. Also my companion is going home in a couple of weeks and he is
getting really trunky. He never wants to do anything anymore. Also my
Spanish has stayed the same it was last week. People still say that I
speak really well for someone who has only been out for 3 months but I
feel like I could have been better. Hopefully I can find a way to get
my companion more involved his last couple of weeks.

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well and yeah that's pretty much it. 

Elder Austin

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