Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nov, 23, 2015

Hey everyone, 

So Isabel has been going through a rough time. She's our only
progressing investigator with a baptism date on the 28th. However life
for her has only been getting worse. Last Sunday she didn't come to
church because of her job so she is now off date but we're going to
try to get her to come next Sunday and get her baptized on the 29th
instead. We'll see what happens. 

Miguel our other investigator is never home now. We haven't been able
to meet with him again but we have a lesson scheduled with him later
this week. So hopefully we'll be able to meet with him.

We did however get an investigator to church this week. His name is
Brian Noguera and he's married to a member. They're very good to us
and they're turning out to be my favorite family. 

Anyways yesterday was insane! We get to branch council and we're half
way through when they say "oh by the way elders I know this is sudden
but we put you on the program for giving talks today." I won't lie I
was pretty upset mostly because I don't know Spanish. Also I had only
30 minutes to write it. But it all worked out. What I did was I wrote
it in English, translated it using google translate, then used my
companion to revise it. That was probably the fastest I've ever wrote
a talk. 

Anyways other than that this week has been really uneventful.
Hope you're all doing well, 

Elder Austin

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