Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug 22, 2016

Well I am now a trainer. I received a new missionary last Tuesday.
Elder Mason completed his mission and it was really sad to say
goodbye. He was my best companion and I will miss him a lot but we
still keep in touch and we're going to see each other after I finish.
I'm excited for that day.

My new companion is Elder Rojas and I'm going to attach a picture.
There's also,someone else in the picture that you might recognize as

Elder Rojas is from Delaware and he went to school at Stanford right
before the mission. He is very smart and already is a very good
missionary. I'm very humbled to be his trainer. I'm using everything
that Elder Mason had taught me before he left and right now I feel
like I'm just trying to stay above water. But the Lord is helping me
and I have survived thus far. I finally feel like I'm getting the hang
of what I'm doing and everything is great again. We met some new
people last week and we're really excited with the lessons that we
have set up this week.

We had a rough week teaching lessons which isn't the way I wanted
Elder Rojas' first week to go but when I asked him how he liked it he
said that he absolutely loved it. I'm glad because it's only going to
get better from here on. We made a goal of 3 baptisms for this
transfer so if everyone could pray for us that would be great. We're
going to need the prayers.

Elder Lyons (one of my best friends) also left and finished his
mission part week. That leaves Elder Stout and Elder Kelley as my
other two friends. It's not going to be the same without Parker
(Elder Lyons) but we'll see each other again. He's going to go to UVU
which is right next to BYU so we already have plans to keep in
contact. He taught me many things about being a trainer that I've
already put into use. One of them was about service. He told me to
serve my companion to death. And so I did.

The very first morning of the new transfer I took a shower first and
he did after me. I noticed that when he left to go to the bathroom
that he hadn't made his bed just yet so I made it for him. I also
polished his shoes. When he got out I was at my desk reading my study
journal acting like nothing had happened. But he got me back! A couple
days ago the alarm went off 30 minutes late and I ran to the shower.
When I got back I noticed my bed was made and Elder Rojas was on his
bed acting as if nothing had happened. I looked at him and said while
pointing at my bed "I'll get you back for this!" Let the service wars
begin haha!!!!

Anyways I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week! Ether 12:27

Elder Kallin James Austin 
Utah SLC South Mission
left - Elder Plauche from GA.  

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