Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August 29, 2016

The craziest Sunday ever...
Well training is proving to be very hard. I've been so used to
following my other companion but now that I'm in charge I'm having to
stay on my toes and work hard. It's really different being in charge
and it's not as fun as someone might think. I'm keeping diligent
though. We're working hard and making sure that we're not wasting one
second. We've found some new people and two of hem accepted baptism
dates in the first lesson so things are starting to pick up. My goal
is that Elder Rojas will be able to have a baptism this transfer and
this week is the last week to find people so I could use all the
prayers you're willing to offer.

Anyways the title suggests that this past Sunday was absolutely insane
which it was. After companionship study in the morning, while we're
getting ready to go to Ward council, we get a phone call from the
Elders Quorum President asking me if I can teach the class today. Of
course I say yes and he tells me that it's on the talk "to the rescue,
we can do it!" by Elder Arnold. This talk is one of my favorites and
so I get really scared to teach the class. After the morning meetings
and visits we're sitting in the Sacrament meeting room and I'm about
to start planning the lesson when someone asks me to help them find a
song they're looking for in the hymn book. So I find it and then I'm
asked by the bishop to play the piano for sacrament meeting. I tell
him that the hymns they chose were too hard for me so what we did was
we connected my I-pad to the speakers in the chapel through an
auxiliary cable and listened to the hymns through the iPad. It was
weird but it was the only option we had. During the opening hymn I
noticed that there was only one priest at the sacrament table so I
joined him. It was my first time blessing the sacrament in Spanish and
it was a wonderful experience. After sacrament meeting they asked us
to teach gospel principles and so we did. The lesson in Elders quorum
went well and everything ended on time. But I've never had to do so
many things at church before. I was completely exhausted afterwards!!!
But we had in total 4 investigators at church so it was really good.

Elder Rojas is getting much better at teaching and taught in gospel
principles really well. He's becoming more bold and a much better
missionary. This week I'm going to really help him learn the lessons
in preach my gospel. I'm hoping that this will help him follow along
in lessons more. But he's a great missionary and I love him to death!

Elder Mason sent me an email. He's already started school and has
already taught many of his peers the restoration. They call him "the
Mormon" already. But he's doing great. Here's a picture he sent me:

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