Monday, August 1, 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Well as the subject suggests....we had another baptism. This baptism
was very special to me because it happened because of an earlier
baptism Elder Jiménez and I had. It was the baptism of Jorge's dad,
Jorge Sr. It was a very special baptism for me because Jorge received
the priesthood and was the one that performed the ordinance. He will
forever remember the first person he baptized and he'll be able to
tell that story to many people it was also nice seeing his entire
family again especially his mom who was baptized at the same time as
him. Not only was Jorge Sr. baptized but so was the wife of Alfredo,
Monica. She decided to get baptized because of the change she saw in
her husband. That was just as special. Because of that they will have
the opportunity to be sealed as a family in a year from now. I am so
excited for them both. I have the pictures at the bottom.

That day was the best day of my mission so far. I was able to see all of my favorite people in one day. It started out with breakfast at the stake president's house. He invited President and sister Lansing (mission president and wife) along with his assistance so I was able to see Elder Kelley!!!!! It's been too long since I've seen him and it was really nice to see him. Afterwards we had a hard day of work until the baptism. At the baptism I saw Elders Stout and Lyons (my two best friends in the mission) and we were all excited to be together again. Then the Chaparro family who is in the pictures and Elder Jiménez. Days like that are very rare.

Also Elder Mason has been my one of my favorite companions. He is one of the most incredible. We have a great trust for each other and we work hard. We are expecting these next two weeks to be two weeks full of miracles. 

Also we have an amazing family in the Ward who had recently gotten baptized before I got here. They are the Toro family. This is a picture of us in their house eating some Colombian food.
Also Elder Mason drew a picture to represent the mission. The mission I'm in has more temples than any other mission in the world and so this picture has a representation of each temple within the mission.
I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Kallin James Austin 
Utah SLC South Mission

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