Friday, August 21, 2015

Well yesterday marked my 22nd lesson in spanish. It also marked the greatest lesson I have ever had. Our TRC investigator is named Gabriel. He is from Chili and lives here in Utah. He is a member but acts as an investigator so we can practice. It's always been hard to personalize with him but yesterday he shared with us something very personal. 

He told us about the most difficult trial he has had to endure in his life. His wife's parents became ill with in weeks of each other. Her father had cancer in his stomach. The removal of which caused him to slip into a coma. Not a week later her mom had a hear attack and also slipped into a coma at the same hospital. A month later Gabriel's son was found with an aggressive form of cancer. A week after that both of his wife's parents died in the hospital. Never has he cried more in his life. But he also never lost his faith. He prayed multiple times a day and never stopped believing. When the doctors told him that there was no hope for his son, the only thing he remembers is walking out of the hospital feeling fine. He wasn't sad. This scared him. He thought that he had lost his mind. That he was a broken man. To distract himself from this fear he would drive a lot. He did this for about a week until he decided to drive somewhere remote and pray. He asked why his son had cancer and if he was broken. He received an answer that he was not broken. Also that the Savior knows the pain that his son was going through. He was able to feel the love the Savior had for him and his son and was told that everything was going to be okay. Never before has he been happier than at that moment that he knew that everything would be okay. He returned home happy. His family was happier. And miraculously his son recovered from his fatal cancer. His faith became a witness that God was real and that he love him and his family. Ether 12:6

I'm practicing the piano 30 minutes to an hour a day. I have two musical numbers planned for sacrament meeting. One of them is me playing Come Thou Fount and the other is me playing Olive Tree with two Hermanas singing the song. 

Please put on my blog a thank you for everyone who has sent me a dear elder. I look forward to getting one every week. I hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Elder Austin      

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