Friday, August 7, 2015


Here is a Picture of my companion, Elder Maloy. I can't send all of the pictures in one email so I'll have to send multiple.

I've been great here. This is a picture of me and my roommates. From left to right their names are Elder Richards, Elder Maloy (My companion), Elder Gali, Elder Tyrell, me, and Elder Morris. They left 2 days ago to teach in the Phillipines so now it's just me and Elder Maloy. The MTC is full of great people. Everyone here has been nice to me. I've also learned plenty of spanish. Spanish is not easy and sometimes I feel like I'm not progressing at all. But my companion helps me a lot. He's very good with spanish and always helps me when I need it. I probably wouldn't have gotten this far without him. I had a chance to see Elder/President Russel M. Nelson speak to us last Tuesday. He taught us about writing the gospel on our hearts. One of the things I remember the most is how the whole atmosphere of the room changed when he walked in. You could feel how close he was to the Lord. 

I've already taught 7 lessons in Spanish and I've had some pretty amazing experiences. We had some amazing speakers come and talk to us. The most amazing probably being Elder Russel M. Nelson the president of the quorum of the 12. But I won't bore you with the details. The most amazing experience I've had so far is from teaching a man named Gabriel. Gabriel is the second person I've taught here. He is from Chilli so he can speak Spanish much faster than my brain can interpret. So my first lesson with him was a train wreck. We couldn't understand a thing he was saying and we were not prepared with a lesson. Our plan was to go in there and get to know him first before teaching him anything (not having a lesson is not good as i have learned) but he wouldn't open up to us and he didn't have any questions about the church. I remember writing in my journal that day "today was a terrible day." So you can imagine how scared i was to teach the second lesson. When I started the second lesson I just started complaining about how hard learning spanish was in espaniol and then he stopped me and in english told me his story of how he came to america and couldn't understand english. He had to learn it on his own without any help and then he told me to never doubt myself and that he believes in me. somehow complaining about leaning spanish helped Gabriel open up to us. I felt prompted to share the story I had with that man we helped a couple days before I left for the MTC. I told him that I couldn't peach spanish and he couldn't speak english but that I won't give up trying to learn. I also told Gabriel that I hope I will have the chance to meet this man again so I can speak in his own language and finally get to know him. (this was all in spanish by the way) He wiped a tear from his eye and said in english "you are a good boy. You will do great things." I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did then. The rest of the lesson was wonderful and I am so excited to teach him again. 
Elder Austin with Elder Askew, a friend from the Cartersville, GA Stake

I have a couple of requests if you don't mind. I would like my piano music binder please. I've been practicing hymns whenever I get the chance but I want to be able to play Come thou Fount during sacrament meeting. Also there are other songs in there i want to learn for prelude music. I could also use one more pair of exercising shorts because one pair IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

I love you and I hope everyone is doing okay

Elder Austin 

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