Sunday, August 2, 2015

My First Day

my first day at the MTC was crazy! I was dropped off and immediately escorted through several buildings collecting supplies I would need. Afterwards I was taken to my room and given only enough time to set my suitcases down before I was escorted to my spanish class. Spanish class consists of my teacher speaking nothing but spanish and me understanding absolutely nothing. Their motive of thinking is that if I hear spanish long enough then eventually I will learn it. So far that method hasn't been working very well but this is only the third day here. The food is nice and I am able to exercise often. My companion is named Elder Maloy and he is from a place called Normal, Illinois. I never though such a place existed but apparently his town is the center of our Country. He's a great guy and we've gotten along so far. He puts up with the workouts I've come up with so far and he has a great desire to learn more about exercise. He also has a great testimony of the church and wants to do the best he can. Right now we are helping each other memorize our purpose as a missionary in spanish which I will now type to you from memory.

             nosotros proposito del misionaro es invitar a las personas a venir a Christo al arudarlas a que reciban el evangelio restarado madiante la fe en Jesuchristo y su explacion, el arrempimiente, el babtismo, la reception del don del espititu santo y el perseverar hasta el fin

             I hope you all are doing well and I will email you next week

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