Friday, August 14, 2015


The dear elder did work and it was nice getting mail for once. I also got the package and I was so happy to get my music binder. I've played so much piano since getting it!!!

I'm glad Karis made it into the chior. also I haven't sang at the MTC yet but me and Elder Maloy are going to try it this sunday.

Anyways I've been practicing piano every day here and I'm trying to learn all the songs in my binder so I can perform one more glorious piano concert as prelude music at the beginning of Church. Oh I've also been called as Branch Music Director so I'm in charge of all the music and all the special musical numbers. It's pretty awesome. Whenever I want to play something during sacrament meeting I can schedule myself whenever. I don't have any pictures for this week so I'm really sorry about that. I'll try to get more next week. How is Mikelle doing? I'll try to email her today. Nothing else has really happened to my this week. I'll be sure to write again next friday.

Love, Elder Austin

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