Friday, May 13, 2016

May 5, 2016

Well this week was absolutely amazing!!!!!! 

This last Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to the temple with
Abidam and Hena (2 recent converts from my last area) and I was also
able to see Elder Montgomery. Elder Montgomery forgot,to call ahead
and schedule a time so there were a lot of people doing baptisms and
confirmations already and Abidan and Hena had to wait for a while
before it was their turn. However as we were waiting we were pulled
aside and asked if we could help do some confirmations. And so for
about 30 minutes I was confirming people and it was an amazing
experience. The spirit is palpable in the temple. I absolutely love
going there. Seeing Abidam and Hena baptized for their ancestors was
also a wonderful experience. They loved every second of it. 

Montgomery is going home after this transfer so that was probably the
last time I was able to see him. I'll miss him. He's an amazing Elder.

Also Ezequiel and Jeisi were able to go with us to visit the Salt Lake
Temple this last Saturday. When we got there we were in the north
visitors center and I was teaching about the life of Christ with the
pictures they have there. There was a man who was listening in on us
and I honestly thought he was a returned missionary just listening to
see how our Spanish was. I was expecting him to come up at any time
and say "you're Spanish is excellent elders great job!" But that's not
what he said. When we finished talking about the live of Christ we
started talking about his visit to the Americas and that's when he
came up and asked "when was he in the Americas?" We asked him if he's
ever heard of the Book of Mormon before and he said no. Then without a
moments hesitation me and Elder Stout taught this man the restoration
of the Church of Jesus Christ and gave him a Book of Mormon in
Spanish. He joined our group and stayed with us for the rest of the
time we were there. We then watched the family videos they have at the
temple and then challenged Ezequiel and Jeisi to keep the commandment
by being married and baptized. They said yes and we're going to have a
lesson with out marriage specialist on Tuesday. I can only think of
how confused our new friend was this entire time. But as we were
teaching Ezequiel and Jeisi one of us would also teach this other man.
We also had a member with us who would talk a lot with him as well. We
ended with talking pictures by the temple and then went back home. It
was a really cool experience and it just taught me that you never know
when you're going to have to teach the gospel like that. Also we saw
Elder Moreno from the district 2 taking a picture of himself at temple
square which was pretty unexpected.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

 Elder Austin

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