Friday, May 27, 2016

May 23, 2016

Well this week was absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!

We achieved standards this week!!!! We worked really hard and were
able to get it. We had some pretty incredible lessons and things are
really looking up,for the area.

Marcos is a 72 year old man that we're teaching. He is absolutely
solid!!!! Everything we give him he reads. Sometimes when he's not
home we leave things for him to read on his car windshield. He always
reads everything we leave him. Right now he is praying that his family
will let him be baptized. He wants this so much. We will keep working
with him and especially his family to help him be baptized soon.

Aurora and Liz are 2 new investigators that we picked up and they are
both solid!!!! We had brother and sister Valero with us and they ended
up being the perfect people to bring with us. Brother Valero used to
be a catholic priest when he was converted. So he was able to answer a
lot of Aurora's questions because she is still a Catholic. Also sister
Valero has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. They
invited the both of them over to dinner where we taught them again and
also brother and sister Valero picked them up for church. Aurora has a
baptism date for the 25th of June and she really wants to be baptized.
We are very excited to see what happens this week.

Anyways transfer news. So one of our zone leaders that we share the
Ward with, Elder Kelley, was called to be an assistant to the
president and left Sunday night. Elder Stout and I stayed with Elder
Lyons Sunday night and awaited for transfer calls the next day. During
studies this morning we received a call from the APs and they told
Elder Stout that he is a zone leader. I found out that Elder Lyons and
Elder Stout will be companions and I will be staying!!!!!! I will be
companions with Elder Jimenez who is from Ecuador. I will be talking
in Spanish all transfer. I should get much better at Spanish.

So yeah that happened. I'll still be seeing Elder Stout almost every
day because we share the Ward together. So I'm happy that we're all
sticking together. This transfer should be really good. I'm very
excited to see what happens.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Austin

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