Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Multiple musical notesMarriage for eternityMultiple musical notes

Yes the subject of the email s a little weird but I'll explain why I
chose it at the end. 

This week was tough but rewarding. A lot of things happened in the work.

Last week I talked about our 2 new investigators named Ezequiel and
Jeisi. Now when Hispanics live with each other for over 6 months, they
tell everyone that they're husband and wife. Well it is a lie! It
turns out that they never had the opportunity to be legally married so
that means their baptism date for the 7th of May is no longer an
option. However we are planning another Elder Guapo lesson!!!!! For
those that don't know Elder Guapo is the marriage specialist in the
mission. He can get people married within a week and he does it with
ease. So our next step is to get them married or separated. It's not a
fun job but it's our only option. So we have a lesson wth them on
Wednesday where we'll talk more about what's going to happen.
Hopefully everything will go well. 

Also I have an update on the first family I taught in my first area.
In my first area there was a lady I got married and that I baptized
named Valerie. Well the rest of her family including the daughter are
now members of the church and are active. They are so awesome! I wish
I could have been there to see the other baptized but I am thankful
that I could be the one to baptize Valerie. Before I end my mission
and if everything goes well then they should have the opportunity to
enter into the temple and be sealed. 

We also met a new couple this week named Juan and Rosa. They both are
Catholic (the wife more than the husband) but they are both extremely
open to the gospel. The wife told us "having you two over here in my
house must be a sign from God that this is what he wants me to do." It
was amazing and the next time we meet with them we're going to extend
a baptism date. We're very excited to continue teaching and getting to
know them. 

Okay, now to explain the subject of the email. So this morning I was
sitting on the couch studying a talk I found by Elder Ballard when
suddenly I start hearing this song: "Multiple musical notesmarriage for eternity.....Multiple musical notes"
it was my companion singing and he came into the living room dancing
ballerina style singing this song. I felt so uncomfortable.... It's
one of his favorite songs. And no he's not obsessing over marriage. He
just does things like this to creep me out and then he laughs at my
reactions. :P 

Well that's everything that happened. Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Elder Austin

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