Monday, April 11, 2016

April 4, 2016

This week has been absolutely exhausting yet amazing!

General conference was one of the best I've ever seen! I was able to
attend the Sunday Morning Session and it was an amazing

These are some pictures we took at the conference center.

Well this week we had a lot of problems and miracles. To start off we had an investigator named Daniel who kind of dropped up. Well this week we finally met him again and he invited us in. I pretty much just started out with "Daniel what happened? Last time we talked you were interested and this text said otherwise." He then told us what has been happened and the backlash he's been getting from his family. Daniel has a pretty rough life but he is really a good kid. He has a desire to do what's right. We were able to teach him a lesson and he's committed to give it another try and he's not going to give up this time. We're texting him everyday and trying to meet up with him as much as possible. Hopefully we can get him on date soon.

So that was a miracle that happened this week. Omar watched conference yesterday so he is still on track to be baptized. He reads and prays everyday and there is nothing that can stop this man from being baptized.....or so we thought. It turns out that he encountered problems with his landlords and now needs to find a new place to live. His boss offered him a place until he could find another and it just so happens that this new place is 5 minutes away from his old house and just happens to be a stone throw outside of our mission. He moves in about 2 days. If he doesn't find a new place inside the Ward or mission boundaries then we have to give him up to the west mission and he probably won't be able to get baptized this Saturday because handing people off can be a complicated process. Everyone please pray for Omar that he can find a new place so that he can be baptized this Saturday and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost this Sunday. We'Ll keep doing our best to find a place for Omar. The Ward is really helping us in this matter. 

Other than that we have a couple new investigators. Some of them want to meet with us but just work way too much and others aren't really that interested but are meeting with us because they want to see what Mormons are all about. Something to know about Hispanics is that almost all of them are Catholic but only Half of them know what Catholics believe and only a quarter actually attend the Catholic Church. So when we talk to people they will almost always say. "Sorry but I'm Catholic" and I am always tempted to say "well we can help you with that problem!" But I don't I'm not that bad. We always testify boldly of Jesus Christ and especially of our own personal conversion because something that this church has that no other church in the world has is a witness of the Holy Spirit. No other church has this and when you testify that God has let us know through his Holy Spirit that this church is true then it really throws them off because more likely than not that is something they have never experienced before. When you tell them that they're entitled to this same experience then it really gets them thinking and wanting to try it out. 

However we do encounter a lot of people who's hearts are just too hard to talk to. What do we do with these people? That's a question that I've had for a while and I finally found the answer,during conference. A talk by Mervyn B. Arnold during the Saturday afternoon session held the answer. We don't ever give up on the children of the lord. I'll do my best to never give up and to see them as they may become when they accept the everlasting gospel. 

This past week was wonderful and I'm very excited to see what this week will be like. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, Elder Austin

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