Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 7, 2016

So this week we have really been trying hard to find a new
investigator because after our last baptism we haven't had any
investigators. So this whole week was concentrated on finding.

We mostly go through our potential investigators list and OYM people
on the streets. We have had no success but that didn't stop us from
trying as hard as we could to find someone. We finally had success
Saturday and more success yesterday.

Saturday we met many people on the streets who we talked to and were
able to hand a Book of Mormon too. Many of them told us that they
would be interested to learn more and we set return appointments with
them. Yesterday however we had 3 less active families that we've been
teaching come to church and also a non member. The nonmember is a
friend of a recent convert who decided to join her friend. Her name is
Jennifer and she told us that she wants to be baptized. We were
freaking out!!!! She is now on date for the 26th of this month. We're
going to meet with her this Wednesday and teach her the restoration. I
still can't believe how ready she was for the gospel. The lord really
blesses you when you do everything you can to be a obedient

We also met a man named Carlos Palomo Saturday for the first time. His
wife is an active member who schedules the dinner calendar for us. He
however is not a member and has been taught by missionaries for 30
years now. We talked to him Saturday about his feelings towards
baptism and he said "no I'm not ready I need to know more!" Well after
30 years of being taught I knew there wasn't more to teach. He knew
all the lessons. My companion then opened in the Book of Mormon and
read the qualifications for baptism which Carlos definitely had. For
our next visit we have an awesome video to show him and we hope to be
able to find out what's been keeping him from being a member these
last 30 years. Also he is praying for the baptism date of March 19th
so we'll see how that goes.

This. next week is going to be awesome and we hope to find more people
to teach. Hope everyone is doing well

Elder Austin

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