Saturday, March 19, 2016

Feb 1, 2016

This week has been really stressful.

Bishop has put me in charge of what is now a missionary event called
"Noche de Ammon." It's kind of like a family home evening but with the
entire Ward and our investigators. Our goal is to be able to get less
actives to participate and also to meet more members. I'm expecting 60
to be there but bishop wants at least 230. Also I'm in charge of
everything which is extremely hard because I barely have enough time
as it is. However I only have to delegate a few more things to the
auxiliary leaders and today I'm going to be buying everything else. I
was able to pass out fliers to everyone yesterday and I told them to
bring their friends.

In other news I was able to go back to Sandy to see one of my old investigators be baptized. Her name is Valerie Rodriguez. When I got there it was about 10 minutes till the baptism was scheduled to start and the man who was suppose to baptize her never came. So she asked me to do it. Needless to say I was terrified but I accepted. So I changed and I baptized her. They filled the font about half way so it was really difficult to keep her whole body under and then back up again. But I managed to do it on the second try. Her husband will also get baptized in like 2 weeks and I'll be able to get to see that one as well. I'm pretty sure the daughter will be ready by then. I don't have the pictures wit me but I'll send them later.

Also on the same day we took Rashid to Salt Lake to see the temple. It was amazing but we also learned that Rashid has a smoking addiction which means that he won't be baptized on the 13th. But the temple was really cool. 

Last Sunday Bishop hounded everyone in the Ward to encourage them to do their tithing. Bishop Alverez is an amazing man. He is about 78 years old. He has been a Branch President, Stake President, Area Seventy, and now is a Bishop of the strongest Ward in the valley. He can scare me sometimes but he really is nice. He's one of the funnier Bishops I've met. He just knows how to get everyone to work together. His goal is to have all the parents have temple recommends and to be using them regularly. He also wants to help everyone get to know each other with "Noche de Ammon." We've been helping him by visiting members and less-actives. It's really helped us get to know people and also find people to teach.

Well that's pretty much everything. Have a great week

Elder Austin

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