Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 16, 2017

This week has been amazing! We've been led to so many people to teach
and daybreak is becoming an amazing area!

To start off the mission is doing a study of Preach My Gospel and the
Book of Mormon. I'm reading each one every day and I have learned so
much doing it. I feel the promise in D&C 24:12 that the Lord has give
saying "...And I will give unto him strength such as is not known
among men." The Lord does truly send the Spirit of God to accompany us
as we study his word and seek to learn of Him. It has been a great
study and I have loved every second of it.

We've found a ton of new people to teach this week and the Daybreak
area is doing great! Someone that we found is a man named Pedro. Pedro
is married to a member but has never really got to know too much about
the church. He's super open to the gospel and loves talking with the
missionaries. We taught him the restoration and invited him to be
baptized. He said that he had already been baptized but then he
thought about it and said "well I can't remember my baptism and it
wasn't really my choice. And I haven't been baptized Mormon yet...."
We explained the blessings of getting baptism and how it can help him
and his family. He's going to be thinking about it and we gave him a
chapter in the Book of Mormon to read we're super excited to teach him
more. Both Elder Cardenas and I feel really good about him.

We found a family this week as well through a miracle. I was on
exchanges with Elder Pineda who is from Costa Rica. We prayed over the
area and felt strongly that we had to go to this retirement
neighborhood. We had no idea why but we went and the first door we
knocked on was a member's home. He told us of three families that we
could visit, the Escobar family, the Castillo family, and the
Jaramillo family. We went by the Escobar family first and the husband
wasn't home so she told us to come back later so we could meet him and
give her a blessing. We then went to a nearby potential and ran into
another member who gave us the same three referrals. We thought it was
odd so we decided to continue with it and went to the Jaramillo
family. They were all members and let us in. We had a great time and
received an amazing referral from them. Just when we were about to say
the closing prayer we heard a knock at the door. It was Hermano
Escobar who wasn't a member. We talked to him a little and he invited
us over to his house a little earlier than his wife did. We were super
excited. It turned out that hermana Escobar is a member but her
husband and friend isn't. That night we picked up Edwin and Hermano
Escobar as new investigators. They're both amazing and this is
actually the first time that Edwin has been able to talk to someone
from our church. He said that he was really impressed with us and said
that we were pure people. It sounds more normal in Spanish to call
someone pure and it was a great compliment. He will be baptized soon!
We're working on helping him accept a date. Ricardo has a doubt about
the Book of Mormon so everyone pray that his hear will be opened by
the Spirit so he will decide to read.

I love this work and I can feel myself coming closer to the Savior
each day. I know he is real and that he loves each and every one of
us. I know that Father lives and that His plan is perfect. I am
humbled each day as He tries to help me testify to this people of the
amazing gift of repentance and forgiveness.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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