Saturday, January 28, 2017

December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed it!

We had some amazing miracles! I don't have too much time to write
about them but hopefully I can include it all.

So Friday night I received the craziest phone call of my life. It all
started with a district fast we did for an investigator named Valeria.
She wasn't progressing in the Gospel and the Elders had a really
powerful lesson with her. She was committed to find an answer and we
all fasted that she would find one. Well I received the call from the
Elders and this is what they said: "Elder Austin! Valeria called our
bishop and they set up a baptism for tomorrow at 11:00....can we have
permission to baptize her?" I freaked out and I called my Zone
leaders. They told me to have the Elders teach her everything at
10:00, and me interview her at 11:00, and then have the baptism
sometime that day. So that's what she did. I went in for He interview
at 11:00 and she passed with flying colors. I asked her what had
changed and she explained that the thing that held her back for so
long was laziness. She just never did any of the commitments that the
Elders gave her. But when she finally sat down and read the Book of
Mormon seriously, that's when she felt something. I couldn't stay for
the rest of the baptism because of a lesson we had but she was
confirmed on Sunday as a member of the church. It was an amazing

Another miracle that happened was with a family that the sisters are
teaching in the district. They have been investigating the church for
a while now and they've all decided to get baptized on the 31st of
December which is this next Saturday. One of the daughters who is 8
had a dream about 2 weeks ago where she met Jesus Christ. This family
is very poor and is living in the home of one of their cousins. In her
dream she was pro used that they would have many presents for
Christmas, a new home all to themselves, and that she would have a
room upstairs to play in. Well when the sisters told us about it we
all got together and went house hunting. The sisters bought a couple
of little presents and we sent them an address and phone number of
someone who was renting out a basement. Well that night we got a call
from the sisters saying that the dream came true! That number we had
gave them was the home that they were promised! Also the owners had a
play room upstairs that they weren't using anymore so they decided to
give it to the 8 year old. 3 days before Christmas, we received a call
from a member who said that he had just bought a $100 gift card for
this family he had heard about. It was what put presents under this
family's Christmas tree. They are all very excited for their baptism
this Saturday and so are we. Hopefully we can take our investigators,
Tania and Ricardo, with us.

Please pray that we can be lead to new people to teach. Elder Cardenas
and I are itching to teach lessons but we're mostly focusing on
finding right now. Hopefully we can find some miracles.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope everyone has a great New Years!

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