Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 26, 2016

This week has been an amazing last week of the transfer!!!!!! We had a baptism of an amazing young man named Joseph Sanchez! Here is a picture! 

Joseph has been taking lessons from the missionaries for almost a year now. He has never wanted to learn about the gospel until after a couple times that his girlfriend invited him to sit down with the missionaries. He eventually agreed and that's where it all started. For many months he never wanted to keep a commitment. He just doesn't like doing things that other people tell him. He was taught for many months when I arrived in the area with Elder Mason and he was still the same. After I received Elder Rojas we decided to do something a little different. We decided to set everything up through his girlfriend. Every lesson, every leader assignment, every prayer, we would do it through her. She was amazing! She would even call him and read and pray with him over the phone. Eventually he felt something really wrong and wanted to meet with us immediately. We did and we taught him the restoration. At the end we told him that he could receive and answer right then and there and we invited him to kneel with us and pray for that answer. He did and we stayed silent afterwards. It was about 5 minutes of silence and the Spirit was extremely strong. Many people were crying by the time he broke the silence. He said that he felt completely at peace and all the things that worried him didn't worry him anymore. I then invited him to be baptized. He said "I think it's finally time." We set a date and the rest is history! He was confirmed yesterday by one of his friends and we were able to give him tickets for general conference for him and his girlfriend. He's very excited. 

Also I got transferred. I will be going back to the Mountain View 4th Ward tomorrow and I will be with an Elder Sewell. They did something that they've never done before which was create a Spanish zone. Now every Spanish missionary in the mission with be in one zone all together. I'm super excited for this change and I hope that it will bring about the purposes of the Lord. 

I bore my testimony yesterday and when I did that the last time in my last area I was transferred so I guess I saw that coming. It was so nice being able to train Elder Rojas and I will miss him greatly. But I made sure that he had a good start and now he'll have a great mission! 

This will be my last night in Westland 5th and I plan on working my heart out!!!! I hope to find many people who have been prepared by the Lord before I leave so the missionaries coming will have a lot of work to do. 

Also just as a description of the other pictures, one is of me and Elder Cunningham making a zone email where we invited the zone to smile more. The other is us at a zone activity together. The last one is our district's final day together. 

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