Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oct 3, 2016

Well family and friends there is now a Spanish Zone. It's the very first Spanish Zone in the mission and all of the Spanish units are a part of this zone. It's absolutely huge in fact it's bigger than the entire mission. 

It's really cool and today we had one of the largest soccer matches that this mission has ever seen. I'll attach a picture. 
Some good news is that we were able to have some pretty amazing lessons. One was with a man named Rogelio. Rogelio is an older man who is one of the most interested people I have ever met. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was a great lesson! He accepted the date of 22 of October. We are super excited for him. However he might be moving tomorrow so we're really hoping that he won't and that he'll stay. 

Well I hope everyone liked General Conference because I loved it!!!! I loved especially the talks on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in Repentance. I also loved hearing from the prophet. They weren't long messages but you can tell that he meant every word that he said. I was able to go to the Priesthood session and it was amazing! I'll attach some pictures. 

This week is a very exciting week because we have a lot of things happening. We have interviews with the mission president on Tuesday, a zone training meeting on Wednesday, a specialized Spanish training on Thursday, call-ins on Friday, and something on Saturday that I can't remember but I'm sure that it's important. 

I hope that everyone has a great week!! 

Elder Kallin James Austin
Utah SLC South Mission 

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