Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Well I'm still alive. This week has been pretty great. 
Anyways next Saturday is the 17th of October and we originally had 3
people getting baptized on that day. However now it looks like we're
only having one. Margarita is our most interested investigator and we
believe that she will be ready for the 17th. José her husband doesn't
seem as interested but we're hoping to get his support for his wife to
be baptized and we are hoping that her example will open his heart to
the gospel. As for Kimberly we're going to have to mover her baptism
date back again. She's just never available for a lesson and when we
schedule a lesson with her she's never there. We know that she will
eventually be baptized but it just might take a while.

Ricardo was an inactive when we met him and now he's back at church
every week. He told us that him and his wife never want to leave
again. Our next step with him is to get him to the temple.

Hilda is the mother of about 6 children I think. About 12 people live
in the house so it's hard to know who's is who's. But she has 2 older
girls about my age and 3 others the oldest of which is 10. And
possibly one baby but he might belong to someone else. Anyways the
coolest part about this family is that the most interested people in
the lessons are the 2 youngest girls which I think is cool because I
thought church was the most boring thing ever when I was there age.
But yesterday when we were over there they had their Book of Mormon
Stories book out in front of them and both were bragging about how far
they read. They're also the ones who get up on Sunday and beg their
mom to go to church. I think it's the strangest thing ever but the
reason this family is still progressing is because of these girls.

To answer a few of your questions no I haven't ran into anyone that I

There are 3 restaurants that give missionaries free food and we
go to them a lot for lunch. I'm able to exercise but it's always
alone. My companion is really lazy and doesn't want to exercise ever.
I just do a couple workouts I remember from crossfit every morning in
one of the empty rooms. 

We might have found a new investigator but we don't know yet. It's a
home of two sisters and their father. One of the sisters has already
taken all of the lessons and is just waiting for an answer but the
other one hasn't had any lessons. However they told us that their
father (who is never home) is hardcore Catholic and might not like
them being taught so we told them to ask for permission and that we
would get back to them on Thursday. And I do go tracting and it's
usually in the more poor parts of sandy that we find people to teach. 

I think the hardest thing about my mission is opening your mouth to
strangers on the street or sitting outside. It always seems intrusive
and I never want to do it because my Spanish is really bad but I've
been told that I'm going to be doing all of them from now on because
it's time that I get some practice. The best parts about my mission are
meeting and teaching people like Margarita. 

Anyways that's pretty much all that happened to me this week. I hope
everyone is doing well and I wish you all the best. 

Elder Austin

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