Friday, September 4, 2015

I am really excited to leave the MTC but I am sad to leave my district. Elder Maloy is going to Sacramento, California so I won't be seeing him any time soon.  Oh and I have some pictures for you.

​Here is me! My Companion, Elder Maloy,  just got his camera and went on a photo spree. 

Here is my CanAsian roommate, Elder Lan, He is from Canada and he is Asian if you could not tell. He has the habit of yelling in mandarin while he sleeps. He also is a martial arts expert. 

This is my other CanAsian roomate, Elder Huang.  He just talks a lot. I don't really have much to say about him.

Here is our fearless district leader, Elder Sargent, drinking wine. (it's not really wine).

Here is his companion, Elder Trujillo, who goes running with me during gym time. He's the nicest guy I know.

This is Elder Thomson. He likes to come into our room at night and talk to us. He's just a really likable guy and gets along with everyone. 

​This is Elder Dean. He likes robotics and rarely talks to anyone. His spirit animal is a squirrel who is plotting to take over the world. Just look at that diabolical smile.   

My spirit animal is apparently a chinchilla and Elder Maloy's is a verdad. We have invented a new phrase in Spanish. Pues Entonces. It has no function in the language but if you translate it in English is says "Well then." I'ts always fun saying it to a native from the motherland because they always have the most confused look on their face haha! 

We had Elder Dallin H. Oaks come speak to us this last Tuesday. He spoke about how we can have and keep the Spirit. Only a missionary who has the spirit is a true missionary. He talked about the Sacrament prayers and one of the main blessings of the Sacrament prayers is that we will always "have His spirit to be with them." He then commanded us all to know the Sacrament prayers by heart. "Every member of the church should know the Sacrament prayers by heart." The worst missionary with the spirit is better than the best missionary without the spirit. The same goes for members. 

We also watched a talk where Elder David A. Bednar talked to us about two missionaries that he new. They came over one Sunday for an hour and fifteen minutes playing with the kids and getting to know the family. They then taught them a spiritual message and asked Elder Bednar if he had any referrals for them. Elder Bednar replied with "Elders you know that I love you. So listen closely as I tell you this. I would never give either one of you referrals ever. You have just wasted and hour and fifteen minutes of the Lords time goofing off in our home. I would never trust the either of you with referrals. If you would like referrals from the Bednar home then this is how one would act. They would knock on the door, say 'Elder Bednar; we don't have much time but we would like to share a BRIEF spiritual lesson with your family if that would be okay.' I would then invite them in and gather my family and listen as the Elder's taught a very BRIEF lesson. Then they would ask me for referrals and I would give my referrals. Then I would tell them to get out of my home and back to work."  

I love you and hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Elder Austin 

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