Monday, September 28, 2015

This makes 2 months pretty much. It's going by pretty fast. The work
is going by slow however. Our investigators are struggling with going
to church and some of them are getting back lash from their families.  It's pretty annoying. 

Anyways I'm still alive and doing well. Everyone loves giving the
missionaries food so I am definitely not starving. We have this one
family who feeds us every Friday and every time I eat there I feel
like throwing up afterwards because of how much they feed us. It's
very rude in Hispanic culture to not finish everything on your plate.
So this family makes sure to give us at least three servings of food
on one plate every time we go over. I look at the rest of the family's
plates and they have normal servings. It's not fair! It's just too
much!!.......yeah so anyways I'm fed pretty well.... 

Some of our investigators are really struggling. We have this one
investigator who's named Vania and she was on date to be baptized and
was actually excited about it. However when she told her family about
this she immediately got chastised and told that she was a complete
idiot for listening to our lies. The last time we stopped by was today
to see if she was still good to go to church. Her mom was standing out
in the yard and told us that she wasn't home and that she wanted us to
leave. I think that we just lost one of our solid investigators. It's
really sad when you can't even find peace with your family. 

José and Margarita are progressing really well however and something
crazy happened with them. We went by the house prepared to teach the
Plan of Salvation for the first time. They invited us in and we were
sitting in the living room when Margarita felt like she needed to
share a dream with us that she had about two years ago. She said that
in the dream she was in another world which was so beautiful and so
much better than the world we live in. She said that everything was
perfect and there was this beautiful river with many different types
of fish in it and standing by the river was Jesus. Jesus then said
"This is the third heaven. My father lives here but you are not ready
to meet him yet. That is why I'm here." I'm not one to be live in
stuff like this EVER and it still feels really weird whenever I tell
it but just the fact that she's never heard about the three kingdoms
of glory before and to say something like this was really odd. Anyways
once we taught her the Plan of Salvation she accepted all of it. She
said "oh it's just like my dream it has to be true!" We ask her if she
was still planing on being baptized on the 17th and she said yes but
that she wants to wait for her husband José. We asked José the same
thing and he said no actually. He said that he likes our message and
always enjoys talking to us but that he doesn't want to give up
drinking. Which is a problem. And so I'm hoping that he'll gain a
stronger testimony about this gospel and as he does so maybe he'll
gain a desire to change and stop drinking. 

Ricardo came to church this last Sunday. It was the first time him and
his wife have been to church in over a year. They said that they liked
it and hopefully we can get them to keep coming. I still don't think
they trust the members yet but we have some pretty good
fellow-shippers for them. 

My Spanish is still really terrible but I am doing a lot better
teaching the lessons in Spanish. It really helps to read the lessons
out of Preach My Gospel In Spanish and see how it's phrased there. I
can teach the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation really well in
Spanish now. Anything else is not so good. During language study I'll
be reading out of the Spanish version of Preach My Gospel. I try to
talk in Spanish with my companion as much as possible but he just
speaks way too fast and I can't understand a thing and we both get
frustrated and just resort back to using English. It's improving
slowly but surely. 

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to hear from you.

Elder Austin

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