Saturday, August 12, 2017

July 17, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an excellent last week of the mission! We worked hard
and we found some amazing people who will continue to progress in the
gospel with the missionaries that will be here.

Gabriela has a goal to be baptized on the 5th of August. She is only
10 years old so we're helping her by going over Book of Mormon stories
with her. Her parents were recently baptized as well and are helping
her a lot. We played a fun jeopardy game with them where we divided
the family into teams and went over all that they learned about before
they were baptized. It was a nice way to have fun, learn, and go over
some questions that they had. Elder Vivas will be sure to help her
progress to her baptismal day. We're super excited for her.

Yesterday night at around 8:00 we met a young man named Kevin. Kevin
is 21 years old and when we asked him if we could share this message
with him, he immediately let us in! Kevin is from El Salvador and it
was fun being with him! He has a great sense of humor but is also
serious when he needs to be. We went over the restoration and how God
has reached out to us in love once again by restoring the church
through modern day Apostles and Prophets. He is preparing to be
baptized on the 11th of August and when he prayed about it at the end
of the lesson he felt really good about it. Elder Vivas will be
showing him the church building this week and taking him to church
this next Sunday!

Last Saturday I was able to see Elisa again! She met us at the Draper
Temple and we were able to talk and see how she was doing. She is
great! She is active in her new Ward in Saratoga Springs which was
recently split. Before the split there were 800 members in her Ward!
Now there are 400 which is still crazy!!!! She still has an amazing
Spirit around her and I was glad that I was able to say goodbye before
I left. Also seeing Elder Sandino was nice! He's one of my most
favorite companions that I've ever had!

During this mission I've learned so many lessons that I will take with
me for the rest of my life. I've learned how the Holy Ghost speaks to
me and I've learned how to follow His promptings. I've learned how to
get answers to my questions and how to serve those around me. The
greatest jewel of my mission is my newfound conversion to the gospel
of Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that He lives and loves us. I
know that if we keep the gospel path that He has given us, then we
will have eternal life.

Family! I'll see you Wednesday!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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