Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

Well today I was transferred. I will miss Mountain View 4th. Some of
my best memories are in this Ward and there are a lot of people I will
miss being with but I know that it is the will of the Lord that has
moved me. I will be going southwest to Daybreak and I'll be with an
Elder named Elder Cardenas. He is pretty new to the mission but he is
a self starter and loves to work hard! We're going to get some amazing
things done!

I will miss Elder Sewell a ton. We're like brothers and it was an
amazing two transfers that we had together but he's going to be going
to Sandy to be a district leader over there. I wish him the best.

This week we had some sad news. Jose is moving back to California and
won't be coming back. He was so close to getting baptized but he's
just going to have to do it over there. I hope that the Elders in
California will be able to find him okay. Other than that we have had
some amazing last experiences here with some new people that we've
found. The Hernandez family was someone that we found knocking doors.
We shared the light the world video and the Spirit there was
amazing!!! We taught that through Jesus Christ we can be cleansed from
sin and we left with a prayer. There was a change in the atmosphere
when we left and we are willing to bet that the next Elders will be
welcomed in with open arms. It's truly amazing what the Spirit can do.

This week I learned a great deal about standing in holy places and
being not moved. In the mission, especially in Utah, there will be
many people who will try to get you to forsake your faith and your
beliefs. They will offer you anti church documents, alcohol, drugs,
etc. But for a missionary, it's super easy to avoid all of these
things. As an investigator, it's much harder. When an investigator is
making the switch, they will have people offering them the same
things. For the, it's so easy to fall for the temptations of the devil
and be lost. It's up to us as me her to stand with them. To take them
to holy places. One of the best places to do that is our own homes.
The home is only second in holiness to the temple. It is the best
place for someone learning about the church to be able to feel the
love and support of friends and their Heavenly Father. I hope that
everyone will make an extra effort to sanctify our homes and to help
others as they go through the conversion process. That's one of the
reasons I love Utah so much because it's filled with wonderful members
who are always willing to get to know and support our investigators.
This is the best mission in the world!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy Holidays!

Elder Kallin James Austin
Utah SLC South Mission

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